The Bioengineering is a newly established department at the University of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Swat, and since has produced many scientific achievements. Continuing the tradition, we are conducting research in many fields of genomics and related fields, ranging from molecules to populations, and from theory to experiments.

At the Department of Bioengineering, we are using innovative molecular approaches to detect ethnic and even tribal-specific mutations that may be the key to rare and common diseases with higher prevalence in the Pakistani populations.

The Bioengineering program is designed for BS, MPhil and PhD students who want to receive robust training in the frontiers of Synthetic biology research and to become leaders in meeting the upcoming challenges of genetic questions in biology, medicine, evolution and biomedical informatics.

Our goal is to enhance our students in their path to becoming top leaders in genomics and synthetic biology. To facilitate this goal, we emphasize a balanced curriculum, developing independent critical thinking skills, research excellence and productivity, collaboration, and scientific integrity and we will continue our commitment to excellence in research, service, and education.


Dr. Muhammad Ilyas

Head of Department

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