Mission and Objectives

  • Performing basic and translational research and education at the interface of biology and engineering, we build interdisciplinary partnerships to identify important problems and develop and translate bioengineering solutions.
  • We solve pressing global health care problems, address challenges in basic research and train the next generation of leaders in the bioengineering field.
  • Provide solid fundamental knowledge in life sciences and engineering.
  • Encourage creativity, self-learning and innovation (design of devices, components or processes that meet desired needs in Biology or Medicine).
  • Develop awareness of the wealth of possibilities available to Bioengineering graduates.
  • Prepare students for careers in post-graduate schools, Bioengineering practice in industry and even opportunities unforeseen.
  • Produce graduates for leadership roles in a rapidly-changing environment.
  • Foster an appreciation of how economic, ethical, political and social factors affect the practice of Medicine and Bioengineering.
  • Produce individuals who can work well either independently or in a team.
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